Cosmetic Dermatology

Dermal Fillers

What is it?

Over time, sun exposure and facial expressions, make the skin lose elasticity and become susceptible to wrinkles and lines of expression. This treatment is based on a series of facial fillers designed to eliminate the appearance of wrinkles in the face, based on injections with temporary results.

These substances are biocompatible and may be absorbable within 1 - 2 years. They promote hydration, have immediate results and a natural appearance is achieved. These products have no side effects.


  • Eliminate wrinkles
  • Give volume to cheekbones
  • Smooth out the nasolabial groove and puppet lines
  • Profiling and volumizing lips
  • Re-shaping of the nose, jawline and chin

How is it done?

This treatment is based on injections in specific areas of the face. It is important to note that there are several types of fillers which have different use and a specific area to treat. The treatment takes no more than 30 minutes and topical anesthesia may be used to reduce discomfort. The results are immediate, as well as the recovery and reincorporation into daily activities.

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