Cosmetic Dermatology

Chemical Peel

What is it?

The chemical peel is a deep exfoliation that removes several layers of skin through the application of a chemical solution, which gives way to new skin, one of better quality, texture and without spots or wrinkles. There are different types of peels, and they are cataloged based on the extent of their effect and will be indicated according to the need of each patient. Usually anesthesia is not needed and the procedure lasts for 20 to 30 minutes, in most cases.


  • Eliminate sun damage
  • Fade acne scars
  • Get rid of discolored skin patches
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Control fat and bacteria on the skin

How do we use it?

Prior to treatment, we indicate the use of certain creams to prepare the skin. During the application of the chemical on the skin, it is normal to feel a bit itchy because of the effects of the chemicals on the skin, and there will be some redness before the skin eventually peels of

It is important to carefully follow the instructions of our experts to achieve the best results possible and leave with your skin looking radiant.

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