Clinical Dermatology


What is it?

It refers to excessive sweating in which more sweat is secreted than necessary to regulate body temperature, especially affecting the hands, feet and armpits. This sweating affects physically and emotionally, causing significant discomfort to the sufferer, as it commonly manifests in nervous situations, stress or even with no apparent cause. It's main symptom is moisture. No specific cause is known, in some cases it may be secondary to an underlying disease.

How do we treat it?

For the treatment of hyperhidrosis there are several ways to control it depending on the severity of the case, here are some:

Use of Antiperspirants:

Aluminum chloride hexahydrate based products can help control excess sweating by blocking the sweat ducts.


this toxin temporarily blocks the operation of the nerves which stimulate the sweat glands.


Oral drug results vary depending on the cause of hyperhidrosis, it's important to consult our experts about combining medications with other treatments to improve outcomes.

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